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How to find best selling items on eBay

May 17, 2016 Tips & Tricks 3 mins read What items to sell on eBay?
Kevin Dietrich

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is, “What should I sell on eBay to make money?” Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to that question. If you have dealt with this topic for a while and searched for information on the internet, you will find various lists of top-selling items, laboriously collected by eBay power sellers and not infrequently offered for real money. We recommend avoiding such offers for various reasons. First, the missing relevance to the present can cause problems. Such lists tend to be a few months old and represent an outdated status quo. We have the experience that trends on eBay arise within a few days and are sometimes gone as quickly as they entered the market. If you want to earn on eBay, you will need tools that provide an agile look at this fast-moving market. Another reason to avoid these lists is that they are seldom tailored to your business. What good is it to have a list of top-selling mobile phones when you are a shoe seller? Let’s be honest: If these top lists really contained such profitable products, no one would give them away. That’s their business secret. Because we were asked so many times what to sell online or, rather, what the bestselling items are, we wanted to offer a solution for this.

So, how do you figure out what is selling the most on eBay? We think this question can be answered best with a look at the search queries of buyers. Only what is searched for and found by potential buyers gets bought. Products that are searched for often will be bought often and are more likely to become bestsellers.

Today we introduce an extension to tradu: Discover. Discover gives you insights on the best things to sell online in order to make a profit. Grouped by category, you get for each subcategory of eBay tailor-made suggestions for your business. We show you the most searched keywords on eBay. Therefore, you can look in detail at everything that interests potential buyers and then offer such products. We suggest the following procedure:

1. Gather ideas

To begin with, you should use our new feature Discover to get new product ideas. Adjust the category filter so that you only see the products that are related to your business segment. You can copy the ideas as they stand. Sometimes, however, it is useful to make a note of the ideas and to complete them with your own ideas. For example, if a mobile phone holder for cars is one of the most searched products, you could also add a tablet holder, a protective cover or a non-slip pad to your list. The most important thing is to not overthink while brainstorming but to record all the ideas that come to your mind.


2. Determine sales quota and market value

The first step was to compile an extensive list of product ideas. But just because they are searched for by many customers does not mean they are good things to sell on eBay. The second step is to determine the sales quota and market value of your products. The sales quota of a successful product should be at least 50%; however, it would be better to search for products with a sales quota of 65% and higher. Weaker products are struck off the list. Market value is also an important factor to consider. You can calculate your profit based on that. Products with small margins can be struck off too.

It will take some time and work to find profitable products but, trust us, it is worth the time. You will end up with a comprehensive list of products tailored to your business. This cannot be replaced by any readymade list.

We’ve tried to make the whole process as easy as possible. When looking at the most searched keywords in Discover, a single mouse click takes you to our already familiar research tool and analyzes the selected keyword. Try our new tool Discover now and discover many profitable products to sell on eBay! Be sure to check out our blog regularly for more eBay selling tips.