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May 13, 2016 Internals 3 mins read tradu
Kevin Dietrich
Nico Hartung

Kevin and Nico here. We are the two guys behind Tradu and want to make it a great place for eBay sellers. In this article we will introduce ourselves and describe the idea behind Tradu.

Who are we?

We have dealt with eBay and its database for over four years now. During our work we were in contact with various eBay sellers, and almost all of them looked for a neat and easy-to-use research tool to ensure transparency on eBay and to be one step ahead of competition. Until now, there is one company that makes such a kind of eBay research tool available, which, according to various statements, is more or less in decline. However, we know that we can do better and are a dream team for such a plan: Nico is living in Germany and knows—thanks to his long-standing professional experience—how to draft and build the necessary server infrastructure for such a project. I—Kevin—am living in Germany as well. I studied business information systems and published a scientific paper about the analysis of eBay data using named entity recognition.

What is Tradu?

Tradu is a research tool for eBay. We have made it our mission to provide eBay sellers with a general tool, which would give them comprehensive market insights that can be converted into cash. Tradu enables you to calculate, among others, the current market value, average shipping costs, weekly trends, and rates of sales for your products to be sold. This information will serve you as an important success factor for your price determination.

Chart Overview

By means of clearly arranged data, you can see on which weekday, at which time, and in which category your products are selling the best. Ended eBay auctions can be viewed over a period of six months—once the beta period is over, even longer. Our marketplace shows you the recently ended listings on eBay, and you have other platforms like Amazon in sight, too. Sales rates and turnover of your competitors are likewise easy to evaluate.

Weekdays and Time of Day

With the help of our title builder, you can optimize your listing titles—because only with the right keywords your listings are perfectly found through eBay’s search. Basically, Tradu gives you the know-how to be successful on eBay in the longer term.

What makes Tradu so special?

One key feature that distinguishes Tradu from its competitors is that we cater for our customers’ needs. A chat inside Tradu allows you to contact Nico and me any time. We usually reply within an hour, and always endeavor to listen to your wishes and needs.


Even though our beta test has been running for only a few weeks, we have already implemented several proposed features.

Why is there a beta period and how long does it take?

The beta period gives us the chance to achieve healthy growth without getting swamped. Simultaneously, we can prepare for what comes next. We do not have a release date yet. We want to launch when we have the feeling that all of our users are perfectly satisfied with Tradu and when all minor faults are eliminated. Then, we are going to make more marketplaces analyzable. So far, evaluation is restricted to—without eBay motors.

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